How to Apply to the Spring School

STEP ONE: Schedule a Visit by calling (201) 541-5780

The first step in applying to the Spring School is to visit. To schedule a personal tour of our classrooms in session, call: (201) 541-5780. If you leave a message, be sure to leave your child’s first and last name and age, and a phone number at which we can reach you. Leave your information on the machine twice, in case the message is unclear. We will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a tour.

The best time to tour the classrooms is 9:30 AM.

1:30 PM may also be possible.

For Kindergarten – 8th Grade only:

Schedule an Interview

At the time you visit, you will be able to schedule a time for your child to visit the Spring School and spend some time in our classrooms. We like to get to know each prospective student to see whether our school is a good fit.

STEP TWO: Submit Application and Application Fee 

Early Admissions

We admit students on a Rolling Admissions basis.

Students who apply before Valentine’s Day each year will be eligible for the Early Admissions rates, which are lower. After Valentine’s Day, we publish a new price list with the regular tuition prices.

Regular Admissions

The application for the 2018-19 school year is available here. You may print it out. We will also give you an application when you visit.

Tuition prices are available at the school when you visit.


We accept students on a rolling basis within days after they have applied or visited the school.  Preschoolers and Steppingstones students will be admitted without the necessity for an interview. Kindergarten – 8th grade students will be accepted shortly after their interviews.

In order to enroll and secure a place for next year, parents need to do two things:

1.SIGN a Tuition Agreement to choose a Payment Plan. 

When we accept a student, we will mail to your home a Tuition Agreement that offers a variety of payment plans. Families may pay for the entire year at once and earn a $200.00 discount. Or they may choose to pay three installments (August, November, and February); two installments (August and February); or ten monthly installments (August through May.)

2. SUBMIT the First Payment, which is 10% of next year’s tuition. 

Once the school has received both your signed Tuition Agreement and your First Payment, your child’s place in school is guaranteed.


It is possible for students to join the school at any time during the school year if spaces are available. Tuition would be pro-rated.

When Steppingstones students turn 3 years old, they may choose to move to a Preschool class in the middle of the year. This will open up places in Steppingstones which may be filled by new students.