Steppingstones: 18 months to 3 years

A Gentle Introduction to Montessori

Our youngest students build concentration and independence as they explore an environment carefully planned and prepared by our professional Montessori teachers.

More than anything else, a two year old wants to do things by herself! ¬†When activities are broken down into small steps, and each step can be practiced until it is mastered, you won’t believe what a young child will be able to do. Put away his toys when he is done? Help prepare dinner? Make sure trash goes in the trash can and soiled clothes in the laundry basket?¬†Being a helpful, responsible member of the family will be second nature to a child who has practiced skills of self-help and motor control in our Steppingstones class.

steppingstones transfer rocks
Transferring pebbles one by one from left to right builds fine motor control which will be the basis of all academic work.
steppingstones reading corner
Friends enjoy the library corner
steppingstones friends beads puzzle
As two-year olds turn into three-year olds, parallel play turns into genuine cooperation and friendships develop. Friendship flourishes in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

steppingstones rolling rug 3

steppingstones scooping beans

Story time builds vocabulary and sentence structure.


Exploring and discussing tastes and textures is a daily event with fruit and vegetable tasting
Learning to use a hammer
Sitting with friends is a first step towards working with others.
Steppingstones works build fine motor control with the use of the “pincer grip” fingers that will be so important when students learn to write.

steppingstones transferring objects

IMG_1257steppingstones transferring objects

Multiple step activities help children learn to plan and organize.
Nuts and bolts

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